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Baby: H..h..
Parents: Hi? Hello??
Baby: H..Hi..
Baby: Hime hime! Hime suki suki daisuki hime hime kira kira kimi to minna ireba watashitte, zettai muteki! Hime hime! Suki suki daisuki hime hime! Kira kira ooki kunaare mahou ka temo hime wa hime na no da hime Love Hime faito!!



This is the funniest thing to ever happen to Canada

I have never been prouder to be Canadian


the lyrics to a cruel angel’s thesis have always struck a chord with me


100 notes and i will pay for a goplus subscription and make a sequel to “eric makes his school vaporwave and gets grounded”


if you don’t think pac-man deserves to be in smash bros. then look at this



30-60min HQ69 prompts! Date (this one took 2 hrs), hairstyle, mafia, injury, warmup/stretching, short shorts and glasses! I love Kageyama sooooooooooo much